Patient Forms

A quick guide to getting your Medical Marijuana Program ID in Arizona.

If you suffer from a debilitating condition defined under A.R.S. 36-2801 then you may reap the benefits of medical marijuana after filling out the proper documents and getting approved by the Arizona Department of Health. Once approved you will receive your Medical Marijuana Program ID in the mail within 3-7 days.

This page holds many of the key components to completing an online application as a Qualifying Patient. Please review the documents below to ensure you are prepared when you begin to complete the online application. Adult  patients can apply through the Online Adult Patient Application link below. Prior to attempting to complete the online application, you are strongly encouraged to access and refer to the application checklist and instructions below. These will assist you in completing the application process.

IMPORTANT: To complete the application, you must have specific documents and other items in a digital format ready for upload. Please review the application checklist and instructions before beginning the online application process.

We will be happy to help you through the process of your online medical marijuana card application process at no additional cost. If you are web savvy, we will email all the documents to you in the proper format as required by the Department of Health Services.

Please familiarize yourself with these documents.                                        

  • Qualifying Patient Checklist – HERE
  • Application Instructions – HERE
  • Medical Marijuana Patient Attestation Form – HERE
  • Add or Replace a Caregiver Form – HERE
  • Adult Patient Online Application – HERE
  • Designated Caregiver Application Checklist HERE
  • Caregiver Applicant Fingerprinting Instructions – HERE
  • Designated Caregiver Application Instructions – HERE
  • Designated Caregiver Online Application – HERE
  • Designated Caregiver Attestation Form – HERE