Effects of Cannabis


Understanding The Effects of Cannabis on Your Body and Mind


On top of the up and down gradient, head and body effects can also be differentiated using feel-specific adjectives. Describing how cannabis makes you feel can be difficult sometimes. In order to find the right medicine for your needs it can be helpful to spend some focused time writing down words that describe the feelings you experience while medicating that you find most desirable. It is also a good idea to list the feelings you do not find desirable or any side effects you experience that you would like to work around. Bringing these lists to the dispensary with you can help the staff match you with the most suitable medicine.

Here is a list of words that may help you describe they way different strains make you feel:

Light / Warm / Functional / Soothing

Heavy / Narcotic / Numb / Tranquil

Relaxed / Calm / Comfortable / Contented

Lucid / Alert / Cerebral / Meditative

Energetic / Buzzy / Motivated / Invigorating

Spacey / Cloudy / Stoney / Confused

Happy / Uplifting / Airy / Pleasant

Sedated / Thick / Slow / Sleepy

Euphoric / Floaty / Ecstatic / Tingly

Instant / Creeper / Long-Lasting / Intense

Notice that these words can be used to describe both head and body effects, and also notice that there are vague terms (ie. “relaxed”) and also more specific terms related to the same basic idea (ie. “contented”). Every different person has a specific type of mental and physical slate that they feel most comfortable in, so learning what types of medicine help you achieve your ideal personal state is an important part of your responsibility as a medical cannabis patient. If you have any questions about this process ask your local dispensary staff to spend some time talking with you about your needs and available options for meeting those needs.

Another important factor to consider is the form of medical cannabis that works best for you.

It is often taken for granted that smoking or vaporizing the flowers is the best option, but it is only the cultural norm. Many people prefer to use cannabis in a more processed form such as hash, edibles or tinctures. For more information ask your local dispensary staff if using an alternative form of cannabis medicine may be right for you.