Alternative Cannabis Consumption

Edibles contain butter or oilthat has been infused with cannabis cannabis resins are ingested, they are processed by the body in a very   different way than smoking, and the effect is much more intense and longlasting. This change occurs in digestion, so only food products that are digested before delivering the medicinal resins have these unique effects. Some people also believe that the kind of food that is used as a carrier can affect the way the medicinal effects arc felt. Foods with spices tend to activate faster while food with nuts or syrups tend to take longer. Some people prefer to take oral capsules instead of eating foods because of dietary restrictions.

Transdermals are preps that deliver the medicinal resins into the bloodstream  through the skin, such as massage oils and salves. They can have a localized effect but eventually deliver a full body and mind effect. The effects of transdermals are unique from either edibles or smoking because of the way of the resins move directly into the blood stream unchanged, and the duration intensity can be easily affected by body type and blood-nutrient levels.

Vaporizing the flowers or shake from cannabis is very different from smoking. Many people are using vaporizers to avoid any possible harmful effects of smoking. It is not technically an alternative form of cannabis but rather an alternative method of use. The effects of vaporizing are much more intense and immediately effective than smoking, and arc similar to the effects of smoking pure kief. The theory is tbal by vaporizing the resins without burning the plant mailer, you will experience a cleaner, purer medicinal effect. It is essentially like taking Ihe cigarette out of the joint. Though vaporizers can be very expensive, most patients who begin vaporizing refuse to go back to smoking.

Tincture is uasually a solution of alcohol, and is a very common delivery method for many medicinal herbs in both Eastern and Western holistic medicine. The alcohol can carry the cannabinoids across the skin barrier in the mouth and stomach so its effects are more similar to transdermals than edibles. Tinctures may be taken in drops placed under the tongue “sublinguar for an effect similar to inhaled cannabis. A few drops might be all that is needed for minor pain management or anxiety. Larger doses for chronic pain or illness can be used safely.

Kief is a very simple extraction of the trichomes from the flower using very fine screens that only allow very small particles to fall through. Kief is significantly less pure than other preps, and is most useful for increasing the strength of your flowers. Scoop a small amount (between 0.1 and 0.4 grams) on top of a packed bowl or mixed into ground up flowers for rolling or vaporizing. It can be difficult and sometimes wasteful to use kief by itself because of its powdery consistency.

Bubble Hash is a relatively newer method of extraction that uses a series of fine screens to filter out the resins from cannabis that has been mixed into ice water. The cold temperature of the water effectively “washes” the cannabis and helps to separate the oil-based resins from the water-based plant by products. The water-mixture is poured through screens of varying mesh size, separating the components by particle size. The resins are collected from the screens, dried and then further refined by heal and/or pressure, which activates the medicinal properties of the cannabinoids. Pressing the hash makes plates or “hockey pucks” that tend to be hard and brittle. Heating the hash gives it an oily, gooey consistency. Both methods are viable, and tent to work better with certain patient needs. Pressed hash is more stable and burns better but gooey hash is easier to handle and has a more delicate smoke. Bubble Hash can be added to flowers but it is best smoked alone in a clean glass piece. Bubble hash is the most convenient to use because it usually only requires a hit or two and very little prep lime. It produces much less smoke then flowers or kief and with a little practice is very easy lo control consistent dosage.